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So what is forex trading?

Forex trading is an exchange of currencies of different countries around the world. This market determines the relative values of a currencies the world round. The forex market, FX, is regarded as the most liquid market worldwide with nearly $1,900,000,000,000 traded daily! There are a lot of zeros in a trillion dollar figure.

How could one possibly make a profit trading money? Isn't it like trying to make a profit by turning 4 five dollar bills into one twenty dollar bill? No, it's different, and I'll show you why. Every country that prints its own money has its own inflation rate. The value of its currency depends on many variables that are associated with the country itself. The value of a dollar all depends on what someone will do or trade for that dollar. What people are willing to do fluctuates, mainly ever so slightly that it is difficult to notice, but overtime obvious. Free trade, the free market, the very idea of money, is to some degree built on trust - that is, that the money you work for today will be worth something tomorrow.

Take for example the Zimbabwe currency. They recently issued a HUNDRED TRILLION dollar bill. Unfortunately, a trillion dollars in their economy is worth almost nothing, maybe $5 US dollars or so. It varies. The Zimbabwe currency went through hyperinflation. It's easy to see why countries like these rely on the American dollar over their own currency. Such a currency has been tried and true and is one of the most reliable in all the world.

So it's possible to speculate on forex trading online and reap a profit. If you'd like to get started take a look at some of the links we have put together. They should be located at the top right hand corner of the page and on the right side bar. Why not check it out?

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*Disclaimer: Forex can be a means of reaping an enormous profit, but of course, with all investments, including the forex, the risk should be noted. All forms of investment carry with them some degree of risk and you are urged to use wisdom in your investments.

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