Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monetary investments

Do you have a savings and investment plan? The money that is sitting in your bank account could be working hard for you. Granted, most bank accounts will pay you interest. So how are you going to spend that 1% return? Or is it 3%? Do you know what the rate of inflation is? It usually invalidates any profit earned through such petty rates.

Investing your money

What about an interest rate of 7%? Or how about 11%? Such returns are the market pride of mutual funds and you can invest in these mutual funds online. Mutual funds are typically much safer than investing in any particular stock, as they are managed by top professionals and they diversify across a broad range of stocks and other investments. Mutual funds tend to be a safer bet than most other investments.

Then there is forex online trading. The goal of this site is to help you educate yourself online about forex trading online. So what is forex trading? Your online education starts here.